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About Us

Sin Hoi Sai Seafood Restaurant is a food stall that specializes in representative dishes of Singapore cuisine. It is also the oldest and most representative old signature and time-honored brand in Singapore’s food concentration area-Tiong Bahru.


In the past 30 years, due to the love and support of customers, Sin Hoi Sai Restaurant has never advertised, but the guests are like a cloud, and it has a small reputation. The company puts its energy on the dishes and tries to provide customers with delicious Southeast Asian cuisine and local flavors. Since the boss was born in a fishing village, he has been well versed in seafood habits since he was a child and is proficient in seafood farming. The fish farming equipment in the store is designed and maintained by the owner himself, which greatly improves the survival rate of seafood and achieves the quality assurance of “the store only sells live seafood”. Known as the “star canteen”, Sin Hoi Sai has been frequented by celebrities and celebrities from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 30 years. He has been featured in multinational travel magazines and local variety shows, such as “Size Takes All”, “Full Track” and so on. In today’s highly competitive catering industry, restaurants strive to take customer needs as their own responsibility, think about what customers want, and provide what customers want. Your support is the best driving force for us to move forward, your attention is the best supervision of our reform, and your satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our career. Our service tenet is “customer-oriented, customer-oriented, continuous improvement, and continuous learning”. On the basis of continuing to carry forward the advantages of our store-speed and freshness, we will improve the service and environment, so that every customer will feel at home when they come to Sin Hoi Sai.

三十年来由于广大顾客的爱戴与支持,新海山餐馆从没有打过一次广告,却宾客如云,小有名气。公司把精力放在菜色上,尽量为顾客提供好吃的东南亚美食和地方风味。由于老板出生于渔村,从小就深谙海鲜习性,精通海鲜养殖。店内的养鱼设备都是老板亲自设计并辛勤维护,大大提高了海鲜的成活率,做到了“本店只卖活海鲜”的品质保证。 素有“明星食堂”之称的新海山,三十年来,中港台明星和名人,频繁的光顾。曾经上过多国旅游杂志和本地的综艺节目,譬如《大小通吃》,《全线追踪》等等。在餐饮业高度竞争的今天,餐馆努力以顾客需要为己任,想顾客所想,供顾客所需。您的支持是我们前进最好的动力,您的关注是我们改革最好的监督,您的满意是我们成就事业的最终目标。本店将以“以客为本,以客为尊,不断改良,不断学习”为服务宗旨。在继续发扬本店的优势——速度与鲜度的基础上,完善服务与环境,让每个顾客来到新海山就有了家的感觉。